Friday, 2 March 2012

Package love

After reading last week's article about packaging by Design Sponge's Kate Pruitt, I have to admit that I am also kind of a package fanatic. I would rather by something unnecessary in case it is nicely packed than something I might really need but which has a loveless design. So I am always looking for the loveliest package around, especially the things in my every day life. Here are some of my finds...

1. Anijsblokjes from the Netherlands., 2. Butter Bonbony from the Netherlands., 3. Bertagni, Pasta sauce, bought in Vienna., 4. Fazer Marianne, Mint Chocolate Bonbons, design by Sanna Annukka., 5. Coffee from Bratislava., 6. Lov Tea., 7. Penguin Clothbound Classics., 8. Bruschetta Spices from Italy., 9. Nougats and Chocolate Olives by La Cure Gourmande, Marseille.

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