Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Layer cake pralinés with cherries (Baumkuchen)

I love this recipe, because the little pralinés look quite impressing but are really easy to make:

For the dough:                                  For the icing:
6 eggs                                                120 g marzipan paste
125 g butter (at room temperature)     3 tbsp. icing sugar
125 g sugar                                        3 tbsp. raspberry jam (I used strawberry 
1 vanilla bean                                      passionfruit jam)
80 g wheat flour                                 350 g dark chocolate ( I used a mix of milk and
1 tbsp. butter                                     dark chocolate) 
40 g corn flour                                   1 tbsp. honey
1 pinch of salt                                    sweetened dryed cherries for decoration (cut in half)
4 tbsp. kirsch

For approximately 50 pieces (I made less, maybe I tasted too much dough inbetween, you never know)

Make the dough:
1. Seperate the eggs.
2. Stir butter and sugar and slowly add the egg yolks.
3. Mix wheat and corn flour with the inside of the vanilla bean.
4. Mix these dry ingridients with the cream from (2.).
5. Beat the egg whites with the salt until stiff and gently fold it in the dough.
6. Preheat the oven at the highest temperature.
7. Put a sheet of baking paper at the bottom of a round baking tin (ø 26 cm).
8. Spread 3 tbsp. of dough at the bottom of the baking tin and bake it golden
    brown for 1-2 minutes.
9. Continue with the next layer of dough (and so on) until the dough is finished.
10. Leave the cake to cool down on a cooling rack.
11. Prick the cake several times with a fork and trickle the kirsch onto the cake.
12. Cut little cakes with a round cookie cutter (ø 3cm).

Make the decoration:
1. Knead together the marzipan and the icing sugar.
2. Roll the marzipan paste between two sheets of baking paper and cut out one
    tiny marzipan circle with the round cutter for every praliné
3. Put a bit of jam on every praliné and put one marzipan circle on top.
4. Let the pralinés dry for about 30 minutes.
5. Melt the chocolate, honey and butter and frost the pralinés.
6. Put half a cherry on each praliné.

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