Friday, 24 February 2012

Blooming flowers, a late birthday cake and delicious cupcakes

I just love my birthday flowers, especially the roses which my mother gave to me. But the wild daffodils are also so beautiful. I also got a surprise late birthday birthday cake from a friend (chocolate orange cake) who came to visit and with my freshly baked tarte aux pommes it was a real delicious afternoon. I promise that I ate those cupcakes on the next day: "Bambi" with blueberry icing and cranberry filling and "Marilyn Monroe" with mango frosting and raspberry filling. Delicious!
Birthday roses Wild daffodil Tarte aux pommes and chocolate orange cake
Cupcake "Bambi", Royal Cupcakes, Cologne
Coffee at Royal Cupcakes, Cologne
Cupcake "Marilyn Monroe" at Royal Cupcakes, Cologne

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